A Bond of Love Success Stories

A Bond of Love has been helping birthmothers and families through the adoption process since 1992. Hear inspiring personal testimonials from our current and past clients. Watch Our Video
Domestic adoption agency in Sarasota, FL. Pregnant? Need help making an adoption plan for your baby?"
A domestic adoption agency in Sarasota, FL. Adopting? Considering growing your family by adopting a child?

A domestic adoption agency in Sarasota, FL that’s here for you

Helping connect children with their forever families since 1992.

A Bond of Love (ABL) is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency based in Sarasota, Florida. Founded in 1992, we provide legal and social services to birth mothers and adoptive parents. ABL received the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s 2005 Angels in Adoption Award. This award honors the good work of those who have enriched the lives of adoptees and foster children.

If you are an expectant mother coping with an unplanned pregnancy, our Florida adoption agency can provide you with services such as:

  • Financial aid in dealing with lost wages and increased medical, and other costs of pregnancy
  • Counseling: the uniquely powerful need for it throughout the adoption process
  • Legal rights and responsibilities, including the birthfather’s

ABL performs homestudies for adoptive families who want to adopt both domestically and internationally. The in-depth homestudy process reviews the adoptive family’s criminal background, finances, health, and personal relationships to assess if a stable environment exists for the placement of a child.

As a licensed child-placing agency, ABL is able to place infants, toddlers and children with adoptive families residing throughout the United States.

Forming Bonds, Building Families

Choosing an adoption plan enables a pregnant woman to love, nurture, and give the brightest future possible to her child, while also maintaining the freedom to pursue her own goals.

A woman who fulfills an adoption plan must be mature and wise enough to act upon the realization that adoption commonly leaves all three parties, child, birthmother, and adoptive parents, with far richer possibilities for the future.

Our focus is on you and the child. We are committed to finding healthy loving homes and to helping you navigate the adoption process with compassion.