Adoption Counseling Can Help Birth Parents

Ethical Adoption Counseling

You may be wondering if adoption is the best choice for you and your unborn child.  And that’s why adoption counseling is so important.  An ethical adoption counselor will make sure that you are making the choice and no one is pressuring you.  As a counselor, we’re a neutral party, and we’re here to listen to you.  When you feel heard it’s easier to understand where you stand on a topic.  And it’s easier to make a decision. That’s why the adoption process requires expert counseling. 
Adoption counseling

Adoption Support

Adoption is a hard choice.  An adoption counselor can serve as support during this time.  Pregnancy is difficult even in the best of times.  Few other circumstances in life involve so many emotions and thoughts.  Most of the situations which arise during the adoption process are unfamiliar.  You may feel that little previous experience is helpful to guide the decisions you face.


We’re available 24/7 for pregnant woman considering adoption.  Call 941-957-0064 to reach an adoption counselor.  Adoption counselors offer nonjudgmental support and ethical counseling.  Counselors can review our adoption services with you.  If you’re ready, they can help you with an adoption plan.

Adoption Counseling You Can Trust


A great counselor will listen to you and validate your concerns.  Our counselors accept your emotional experience without judgement.  This is your journey, and there may have been curves along the way.  We’re here to listen to what’s led you to us.   We’re here to offer you hope and acceptance.   Our acceptance comes without judgement.  We understand that sometimes pregnant women are struggling with addiction, homelessness or shame of unplanned pregnancy.  Every person is different.  We are proud of you for reading this page.  We’re proud of you for keeping your pregnancy.  And we’re here to help you. 


Adoption counseling doesn’t stop once you make a decision.  Adoption counselors are with you consistently to help guide you.  We’re there for any questions that you and help you reach your goals.  We’re an extra person in your corner advocating for what you want.


Most women have a lot questions about how they will feel through the adoption process.   Should I see the baby? Should I take care of the baby in the hospital?  How will I feel about the adoption in six months? In a year? In ten years? Will I be okay? Will the child be okay?  These are some of the questions and so many others that a you might have.  Although, the answers to these questions do not come easily.   We will not tell you how to feel.  We will stand by your side and help guide you through this process.  We help prepare you for the choices ahead. 


Adoption counseling can help you reach your goals.  We offer case management and financial services to help you meet your basic needs.  Some of the basics include, food, shelter, transportation, medical care and phone bills.  Once you have some support, it’s easier to start thinking about goals for yourself.  


Your child is affected by how you, and the other adults deal with the adoption process.  Counseling helps the adoption process for everyone involved, including the adoptive parents.  Adoption counseling is not required.  But most birth mothers who take advantage of counseling find it very helpful.