Birth Father Adoption Rights 

What are the birth father adoption rights?

Yes, the birth father has some rights.  He has the right of notification of the pregnancy and adoption plan.  He has the right to object to the adoption plan.  The birth father has these rights even if he’s not involved or supporting your pregnancy.

What if I don’t know his address?

If the birth fathers address is unknown then we, the adoption agency must make a good effort attempt to find him.  Sometimes that means hiring a private investigator to locate him.

What happens if the birth father is not notified?

If the birth father is not notified then he might later contest the adoption.

What if the birth father is abusive?

We understand that some relationships can be abusive.  In these situations, you have rights too.  We will do everything possible to protect your confidentiality and location.  We can help you develop a safety plan.

What if I don’t know who the biological father is?

Some birth mothers are unsure of the biological father.  In these cases, all the possible birth fathers are notified.

What if I’m married can I still make an adoption plan?

A married woman can still make an adoption plan.  In these cases their husband must sign a surrender for adoption.  A husband is considered the Legal Father even if he is not the biological father of the child.  We’re here to support you through the adoption process.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support in this type of situation.

What choices does a birth father have?

Once the birth father is notified of the adoption plans he has one of four options.  He can deny that he is the father and surrender his rights.  If can choose not to respond at all.  If he does this abandonment proceedings will begin and his rights will be terminated.   He can object to the adoption plan.  If he does, then he must be willing to assume the responsibilities of support or custody himself.  He can agree with the plan and sign a sign a surrender for adoption.

Most birth fathers choose not to parent themselves and sign a consent.  Failure to notify all potential birth fathers can lead to legal difficulties.  It is best to notify and have the birth father sign consent for the adoption plan.

What to do next?

Call us to connect with an adoption specialist.  One of our adoption counselors can walk you through the process.  We’re here to help you.  Learn more about our adoption services.

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