Legal Rights For Pregnant Moms  

Placing Newborn Baby for Adoption

Legal rights for pregnant moms when making an adoption plan

There are legal rights for pregnant moms when placing their newborn for adoption.  You may be wondering what your rights are as a pregnant birth mom when you’re making an adoption plan. Or perhaps you are already working with an adoption agency. This page covers many topics.  If you still have any questions, please call us as we’re available 24/7 for pregnant women looking into adoption. Whoever you’re working with should ensure that you know your rights. This is a sign of an ethical agency.

Financial Assistance while Pregnant

Many women wonder if they can be paid for placing a child for adoption.  The state of Florida and other states have laws prohibiting the sale of children. What you can receive during pregnancy is financial assistance for your basic needs.

Who pays for the financial assistance?

The adoption agency may pay some expenses. However they are usually reimbursed by the adoptive family.  Therefore, it’s the adoptive family that is paying for your expenses. These expenses must be related to your pregnancy.  Expenses must also be necessary for living and maternity needs. The expenses must have occurred during your pregnancy.

Expenses include:

  • rent/housing
  • food
  • utilities (light bills, phone bills, cable bills, etc.)
  • transportation
  • medical bills relating to pregnancy

Medical Care

We care about your health and the health of your unborn child. The adoptive parents are also concerned. We would all like to see receive excellent, consistent medical care. We can help you find providers. We can also assist with transportation to your appointments. We also provides free counseling as adoption is an emotional process.


You have custody of your newborn until after birth and until the adoption consent is signed. You can sign Consents for Adoption at 48 hours after the child is born or once you have a written discharge order.

Birth and Delivery Plans

Once the baby is born you choose how to spend the next 48 hours with your child.  You may not want visitors. You may feel it’s important the adoptive family visit while your in the hospital. Every birth mother will have a different birth plan.  The birth and delivery plan is up to you and it is your right to have it be however you want.  It is our role to respect your wishes.  We also help communicate your wishes to the hospital and adoptive family if needed.

Adoption Process

The adoptive parents may receive temporary custody once the legal documents are signed.  Finalization of adoption through the court usually occurs a few months later.


Making an adoption plan for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  Contacting an adoption professional as early as possible can ease the decision.  As adoption counseling will help you to cope with the decisions ahead.

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