You may be wondering who choose adoption and why? 

Movie, and TV coverage of adoption tends to be incorrect and filled with stereotypes. There is no typical woman who chooses adoption as a response to an unplanned pregnancy. Birth parents vary in age from the early teens to late thirties, and may be either married or single.


It is common for single, young women to consider adoption. Young women are often employed in entry level jobs or attending high school or college. Some women have children already and choose adoption due to finances.

No Support From the Father

Most of the time women have no emotional or financial support from the birth father. The relationship may have ended either before the pregnancy or shortly afterward.

Lack of Support

The idea of becoming a single parent may seem insurmountable. Especially, if there’s no emotional and practical support from family or friends.

Education and Career Goals

Parenting does create obstacles to completing education and career goals. Concerns over child care alone can be daunting.

Choosing a Better Life

Most women want a better life for their babies and for themselves so they consider adoption. For these women, choosing and adoption plan seems to be a responsible solution.

Bright Future

Choosing an adoption plan allows women to love and give the brightest future to her child. This also allows for her to maintain the freedom to pursue her own goals. Wise women choose adoption. Knowing that this choice gives three parties richer possibilities. Herself, the child and adoptive parents can all have a bright future.

Who Chooses Adoption and Why?

Women who want what’s best for their children. Every women is going through a unique situation and that’s why we offer adoption counseling and support. We understand that this is possibly the hardest decision of your life.  That’s something that we don’t take lightly.  We want you to carefully consider your options and feel comfortable in your choice.