July 1, 2024 – Florida Safe Haven Law Changes After 20 Years

Florida safe haven law changes

For over 20 years, Florida has allowed a parent to anonymously surrender an unharmed newborn up to the age of 7 days old in a designated location, under the Safe Haven Law signed in 2000. 

In hopes of saving even more infants, there have been major changes that go into effect on July 1, 2024.  The new law (known as HB 775) expands the following:

  • Increased Age Limit: Extends the window that an infant can be surrendered up to 30 days of age. This additional time allows for a parent to make a more informed decision with less pressure when in a difficult circumstance.
  • 911 Infant Surrender: Allows a parent to call 911 and request a meeting with an EMS provider for the purpose of relinquishing an infant. This removes any concerns about safely transporting an infant as well as creating a confidential environment for the surrender to occur.
  • Hospital Surrender: Allows a parent to surrender an infant directly after delivering, eliminating the need to leave the hospital with the baby and then return to surrender. This offers a significant benefit to a mother who may be experiencing physical and emotional recovery from having given birth.

The changes provide more options for parents in hopes of reducing infant abandonment and promoting the safe surrender of infants. This aims to reduce involvement with the state-run foster care system and increase immediate placement into an adoptive home resulting in permanency for a child.

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